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Roystonea regia. Cuban Royal palm. Plantula Farm.

Roystonea regia

Nursery. Plantula Farm.
Roystonea regia
This listing is for: Roystonea regia
Package of  12 seedling
Zone:  9 to 11
Roystonea regis, Plantula Farm

                           Roystonea regia


      Botanical name:  Roystonea regia.
      Common name:  Cuban Royal palm / Palmera Real cubana.

The Roystonea regia is the national tree of  Cuba. Is a vigorous plant that grows from 50'  / 70'  feet tall with a canopy spread of up to 25' feet in diameter.

Use: It is used in Cuba for timber, thatch, and hog feed. It is very popular as a landscape and cultivated ornamental. 

Thes seedling shipped; Roystonea regia will be shipped Bare Root. Seedling are between 4'' to 5'' inches. 

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Plants will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday to avold any unfavorable warehouse conditions. It yuor  order has plants and seeds or seedling your will only be charged the cost of shipping the plants. Germination instructions will be shipped with order. 

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Roystonea regia. Plantula Farm.

Roystonea regia

A majestic ornamental palm native to Cuba, Antillas, South Florida, and parts of the Caribbean through Central America.....Very popular as an ornamental street tree in the Tropics. The palm also has religiosus. 

Palmera Real cubana.
Nursery: Plantula Farm Tx.

                                                     Roystonea regia

Roystonea regia
Plantula Farm Roystonea regia 4" pot
Roystonea regia
Plantula Farm Bosque de Roystonea 
Majestic, upringt, pinnate palm with whitish, swollen stem somewhat gloosy green leaflets with prominent secondary ribs on either side of the midrib. Solitary, erect, grayish white, to 30m tall and 40 - 60 cm in diameter, swollen to 75cm at the base and toward the middle... Leaf scars are regular and closely spaced, but not raised or prominent from a distance. Wen send germination instructions with the seeds. But most of the seeds need some special cares.

Roystonea regia:

Roystonea regia
Plantula Farm  Roystonea regia 4'' potCare:

. Sunlight:  Full sun.
. Climate:   Sub-tropical, Tropical.
. Foliage:    Evergreen.
. Soil Type: Clay, Loam, Peat, Sand, Silt.
. Season of interest:   Summer.
. Hardines Rating ( RHS):   He (1 to 5 c).
. Watering:   Medium.
. Tipo:          Seeds.
. Subtipo:     Tropicals.
. Aspect:       South - Facing.
. Soil pH:      Neutral.


. Elegant Look
. Free from pests
. Long life

Product detail:

Roystonea regia
Plantula Farm  Izquierda parte posterior Roystonea regia 2 Gal.
Purpose -  Decoration Landscaping. Outdoor.

With seeds:

20 seeds per pack. In Stock.
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Cocos Nucifera Plantula Farm

Plantula Farm

San Juan, P.R.

Plantula Nursery:
Coco Nucifera
Life Plants

Tree Type:   Fruit Plant.
Palm tree:    Puerto Rico coconut tree.
Botanical  name:  Coco Nucifera.
Common name:    Coconut Palm.
Availability:          3 seedling. In Stock.

Product Description:

3 Coconut tree plants, straight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, easy to specie and grow. Sprout may vary in length and leaves. Bring Puerto Rico and Tropics outside your house. We also have exotic varieties palms and cycad. Check seller's other items. Thank you for your purchase. Fast Shipping!

Specie may come without pot for less weight but wil be healthy, packed the same shipping day.Plant in soil as soon as possible leaving the top part out, use organic fertilizer. It can grow from 10' to 22' feet and bear fruits from 5 to 10 years with the correct temperature. It is a tropical plant.

Coconut Care:

It is very easy to grow. As soon as veceived place it in a container filled with well draining potting soil or directly in the soil were you wont it to be around 12'' inches deep to allow for the roots to grow properly. The coconut point side should be above the soil. After planting the coconut in well draining soil so that the bottom 3/4 of the coconut is in the soil { do not cover the top } pleace it in a warm area and water frequently. Coconuts do best in spots yhat are 70 degrece F. { 21C. } or warmer. Once your coconut tree has started growing, you need to do a few things to help keep it healthy. 

First, water the coconut tree frequently. As long as the soil drains well, you really can't water them too often. It you decide to re-pot your coconut tree, remember to add sand or vermiculite to the new soil to keep the water draining well....Second, look for a fertilizer that provides both the basic nutrients plus trace nutrients like boro, manganese and magnesium. Third, provide supplemental light and keep it away from drafts.

Additional Care:

The tree should be watered immediately after planting and frequently early moening or late night thereafter until the tree is well established. Three to for inches, but no more, of mulch applied to the soil surface around the tree will help retain soil moisture. After the plant is established at least 1 inch of water should be supplied weekly by rainfall or by irrigation, especially during the first year following weed growth trasplanting.


. Elegant look
. Tropical fruit plant
. Long live.

Product Details:

. Purpose:    Decoration, Household, Indoor  or Outdoor.
. They will shipped bare root.

In Stock
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Areca Palm

Areca Palm

Plantula Farm
Scoli Palm seed Company

Areca Exotic Palm Seed

Product Description:

Purpose  -  Decoration indoor or outdoor,  Household All applicable, Air purifier, Gifting.
With seed - 20 per pack
Botanical name  -  
Common name   -  Areca Palm
Availability  -  In Stock.  20 seeds per pack.

We are a supplier and producer of Areca palm seeds and seedlings. Also we supplies best quality lawn for garden.

Areca Palm:  Green palm

Plants that detoxity the air. The Areca palm is one of the most popular and grace full palms. It is tolerant of the indoor environment releases copious amounts of moisture into the air. Additionally, the areca is consistently rated among the best houseplants for removing all indoor air toxins tested.

Rinding on unfathomable volumes of industrial expertise, we are providing a broad array of cane palm cane green palm. We also provide facilities on monthly vental basis for more details feel free to contact.


. Elegant look
. Free from pests
. Long life

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Syagrus romanzoffiana Por: Plántula Farm

Syagrus romanzoffiana

Syagrus romanzofiana

Queen palm tree.
Coco Plumosa palm tree


20 seedling per pack           $4.50 US
20 seeds per pack                $4.50 US

Category:  Palms - Exotic, tropical palm tree.

Syagrus romanzoffiana:

This palm has increased in popularity dramatically in recent years due to the increased demand for subtropical gardens. It is a beautiful palm that is easy to find and better yet, easy to grow. Quite fast growing, with a little attention to summer watering and feeding, a small plant will make a dramitic specimen within a few years. As young progress into adults, the fronds develop into feathery plumes that are a dark glossy green. Best in full sun.

It is a medium sized palm, Quickly reaching maturity at a height of up to 49´ft tall, with pinnated leaves. 


These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional cost will be prior to bidding or buying.

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Shipping and handling:    

. Economy shipping, free shipping

. # Tracking number USPS

. 5 - 10 business days

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Astrocaryum alatum. Nursery: Plántula Farm.

Astrocaryum alatum / Plántula Farm
Nursery: Plántula Farm
Nombre botánico: Astrocaryum alatum
Nombre común:    Palmera de espina.

Astrocaryum alatum


Astrocaryum alatum seeds
Astrocaryum alatum, es una especie el cual pertenece a la especie de palmeras Arecaceae. Su estípite es solitario el cual puede alcanzar algunos 15´ a  20´ pies de altura en su hábitat natural, el diámetro de su tronco puede medir un aproximado de 60¨ pulgadas de ancho. Las hojas de esta especie son sumamente espinosas de grandes aguijones negros que pueden llegar a medir algunos 2´pies de largo en su hábitat natural. Flores: Las flores son pistiladas y largas, su fruto ovoide de color café amarillo y cubierto de espinas negras. Su floración se produce todo el año. Sus semillas pueden tardar 6 a 11 mese en germinar esta especie requiere de alta temperatura entre los 90 F a 100 F requiere de una humedad controlada en su ambiente para poder germinar.

La Astrocaryum alatum es de ambiente boscoso se adapta muy bien en pastizales y en sotobosque húmedo cubierto de materia orgánica. En invernadero o jardines se recomienda fertilizante con composta de material vegetal.


Astrocaryum alatum 
Astrocaryum alatum se propaga por semillas el proceso tarda de unos 6 a 11 meses con mucha paciencia. Esta especie requiere de humedad especifica y alta temperatura entre los 90 F a 100 F lo mas importante es controlar la humedad y no agregar agua demás esto para evitar la visita de las insidiosas plagas y las bacterias.

La Astrocaryum alatum posee un endospermo muy similar  a el Coco Nucefera en el sabor y las propiedades excelentes para el consumo gastronómico y culinario en nuestros hogares. Nota; esta especie de palmera sirve de fuente de alimento a los poblados locales.


Rhynchophorus ferrugineus
Astrocaryum alatum como toda especie vegetal es sumamente susceptible al ataque de Rhynchohorus ferrugineus nombre común Picudo rojo. Este insidioso insecto es sumamente dañino para las palmeras en el mundo. La Astrocaryum alatum colonizada por este insecto por lo general muere. Este infernal insecto no tiene preferencia por un determinado género en particular. Pero si hay especies más resistentes que otras. 
Especie de conífera infectada
El Picudo rojo, se alimenta del interior de las palmeras. Este cualidad hace difícil detectar su presencia con una simple inspección visual. El portador común es el mercado de especies infectadas la poda esto por las heridas no tratadas y el mal tiempo con vientos fuertes el cual daña las hojas con heridas que son foco de infección para que el insecto prospere.

Como tratarlo en mi hogar. Debemos de tener en cuenta cuando compramos una especie de palmera  que la misma se encuentre saludable, preguntar por las necesidades básicas de la especie como; 

. Que producto se utiliza para controlar las plagas.
Larva de Picudo rojo

Si decides compra las semillas es una excelente opción, si usted es paciente y entiende el proceso arriba mencionado, Propagación. 

Control en palmeras adultas. En la mayoría de las especie de palmeras infectas hay que sacrificar la palmera cortándola y asperjando, pero lamentablemente en el mayor de los casos se recomienda cortar y quemar toda el área donde se encuentran las especie sembradas.

Recomendación. Solo compre especies sanas o preferiblemente semillas.
Picudo rojo a la BBQ

Especie de palmera infectada

Plántula Farm

Caryota urens. Nursery: Plántula Farm

Plántula Farm

Nursery:  Plántula Farm
Caryota urens
Fishtail palm

Caryota urens:

Name seed:         Caryota urens.
Number seeds:    20 seeds per pack.
Unit price:           $4.50 per pack.
Packaging:           Bag.
Condition:            Fresh seed 2017
Shipping:              Free Shipping US / PR
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Caryota urens is a species of flowering plant in the Arecaceae palm tree. From the natural habitat is subcontinent, southeast Asia and India where they grow in fields and rain forest clearings. Caryota urens species is a solitary trunked tree that measure up to 39´ft in height and up to 12¨ inch wide. Widely spaced leaf scar rings cover ist gray trunk which culminate in a 20´ft wide, tall leaf crown. The  bipinnate leaves are triangular in shape, bright to dep green. 11´ft long, and held on 24´´ inch long petioles. The obdeltoid pinnae are 12¨¨ inch long with a pointed edge and a jagged edge. The 9.9´ft long inflorescences emergen at each leaf node, from top to bottom, producing pendent cluster of white, unisexual flowers. The fruit matures to round, 0.39¨ inch drupe, red in color with one seed.


Caryota urens is cultivated as an ornamental tree, and planted in gardens and parcks in tropical and sub-tropical climates. It is also used as an interior and houseplant when smaller.


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